Welcome to Writer's Camp! I will start this page by listing the rules of this website.


1. No bad words or swearing!

2. You may not post anything other than articles, stories, or reports. 

3. The pictures that you post should be connected to your story/report/article. 

Note: If I see anyone violating any of these rules, their post will immediately be removed.  And please make sure to abide by the rules! 

Hello! Since you aer new, I will sing you my "Welcome to Writer's Camp" song!

"Oh, welcome to Writer's Camp, welcome welcome welcome.  Here we write and sing and dance, welcome welcome welcome. We write and write and write some more, welcome welcome welcome. Here at Writer's Camp, here at Writer's Camp, we read and write and share our books, welcome welcome welcome. Welcome!"

I may not be the best songwriter here, but I did my best. Anyways, we'll be posting our stories and articlesdaily, so watch out for more!

Oh, and by "we" I mean my staff and I. 

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