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This wikia is for talented writers!

My topic is...of course, WRITING.  For two years, I have loved writing even more than Minecraft.  And that's saying a lot! I have written short stories, articles, and comics.  I even placed 10th in the Reader's Digest 50-Word Story Contest!  I made this website because I want to help young writers like me to enhance their writing skills and to be proud of them.  I put updates every now and then on this website.  If you have a short story, article, or idea you would like to share, you could either e-mail me at: (see below) or post it here on this wikia.  I would love to see your stories!  You could also send me feedback about the site.  Send your feedback at: (see below) Thank you!

My e-mail address is:

Latest activityEdit

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