Here's a story I'm working on for our school newspaper, Scribble!

Friends And Adventures I woke up one Friday morning feeling progressive. I leapt up and showered. I glanced at the clock. 6:30 in the morning. I liked getting up early in order to prepare my outfit. I threw on a light blue ruffled skirt a bit above the knees and a gray tank top. This outfit matched my light gray flats perfectly. I checked myself out in my mirror. Looking good. I grabbed my aquamarine backpack with the cute little black buttons Mom had sewn on the front. I neatly put in my Math papers, my Spanish essay, my Social Studies and Beginner's Math books, my koala pencil case, my pouch, my sketchbook, my cellphone, and my supercute new School Planner for Girls. It had all kinds of scribble on dates, like a "Pink Lipstick Day" scribbled on July 25. I hoped to my an artist someday. I sipped my backpack closed and ran downstairs for breakfast. Oh, yeah. I'm Alexandra Greene. People call me Princess because they say I'm pretty, I dress well, and because pf my good grades. I also live in that part of Maple Grove where everyone has these big, fancy white houses. We live in a 5-floor white house with a gingerbread porch and a backyard garden. I grabbed a bagel from the counter, spread cream cheese on it, and walked towards the door. "Bye, Mom. Bye, Dad." I called as I left. I hopped down our porch stairs and walked towards our school, Pine Heights High School. No, I'm not in high school. I'm in 6th grade. That's close to high school, anyways. I trampled on the dead fall leaves on the walkway and entered the school lobby. I immediately searched for my best friends, Olivia Tenn, and Katie Brown, who were on the soccer team with me. They were in the soccer field, as usual. "Alex! Join us!" they yelled. "Yeah, I'll just drop my stuff off!" I yelled back. They nodded and continued to play. I ran into our classroom and dropped my things on my desk. As I was going out, I bumped into Reese Colins, who had a book in her hand, as usual. "Hey." I said. She looked up. "Oh. Hello, Alex. Nice to see you today. Have you finished the Social Studies reading I asked you to do?" she replied. "" I answered. She gasped. "Well, you have to finsih it before Social Studies! I have a group presentation in mind already, and we can't afford one of our members falling behind!" she said curtly. "Alright." I said. I ran past Reese and onto the soccer field. We started practicing our dribbles, flips, and dodges. We were on our tenth run through when the bell rang. I linked arms with Katie and Olivia, and we started walking to class. One of the things I love about school is that Olivia, Katie, and I are in all the same classes. The day was fairly normal; Sydney Cram's insults and Andrew Binn's jokes. Olivia, Katie and I got our stuff from the lockers, and were just about to leave when Sydney called out, "Hey, princess! How come you're hanging out with two dirtbugs? Oh, yeah, you're one too. You're the Princess Dirtbug!" she laughed. "Shut up, Sydney Crap." I snarled. Sydney ran off. Olivia, Katie and I headed home. "Will Ms. Whitman EVER stop giving Spanish essays?" Katie grumbled as soon as we were a block away from school. I shrugged. "They're okay." I said. "Well, it would be. Your mom is Spanish!" Katie cried. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that. My mother, Dora Greene, is Spanish while my father, Matthew Greene, is French. I excelled in Spanish because of my mother. "Do you think we should do a garage sale for our soccer team fundraiser?" Olivia murmured. "I guess so. Mom has lots of old things in the attic she means to give away but never gets to, like these old plates and sketches and stuff." I said. "We can sell my old Rollerblades for 20 bucks." Katie suggested. "Perfect! Bring all your stuff to my house on tomorrow at 10 o' clock a.m. We'll organize the sale. I'll calculate the expenses and the prices of things." she said. Olivia likes being in charge. "Expenses? Expenses are for buying stuff! We're selling! We don't have expenses!" Katie exclaimed. "We do, too! The hangers will cost some cash, my parents are using all of their's." Olivia replied. "My parents have a bunch of hangers they probably won't use!" I piped up. "Perfect! I that case, Katie is right. There will be no expenses. This sale is perfect! I'll calculate the prices, then! We'll need a budget, too. I'll do that. See you tomorrow!" Olivia cried before turning down the street to her house. Katie and I looked at each other and laughed. "Olivia is so..." Katie trailed off. "Logical!" I cried, and we laughed again. We walked for a few more minutes before Katie said, "Oh, this is my street. Bye, Alex!" and gave me a hug and ran off. I walked a street more and turned the corner to my house. When I entered my house, I kicked of my flats and ran upstairs. Homework could wait until later, but chatting couldn't. I logged on to Facebook and quickly scanned my Chat list. Olivia and Katie weren't online, but my pen pal, Lucie, was. I opened up a chat box to her and typed in, "Salut! Comment allez-vous? Tu me manques tellement!" Lucie was French, and she couldn't say anything in English, so I just chatted and talked to her in French, which I was good at too, because of my dad. "Tu me manques trop! Nous n'avons pas envoyé de temps en temps!" she quickly replied. My laptop hanged, so I rebooted it and replied, "Désolé réponse tardive. Mon portable pendu." Lucie answered with a "Ce n'est pas grave. Donc désolé, maman appelle pour le dîner, au revoir!" I exited the chat box, since 'au revoir' meant 'bye'.  I'll update when I come up with a continuation!

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